Fee Rules

Fee Rules

Fee is to be paid according to the instructions printed in the fee book, provided at the time of Admission / or as per circulars issues from time to time.
  • Fee is to be paid according to the instructions provided at the time of Admission and as updated on the School website from time to time.
  • Composite annual fee (First quarter) is payable in first week of April in the School office.
  • Composite annual fee (Quarter 2, 3 and 4) is due by 15 of July, October and January respectively without any fine. Fee paid after due date shall attract fine of Rs. 50 for first fifteen days and there after Rs. 100.
  • The School Fee may be paid via any of the following methods:
    1. Cash payment at School Counter
    2. DD made payable to either “MIET PUBLIC SCHOOL, Mawana Road”, “MIET PUBLIC SCHOOL, Pallavpuram” or “MIET KIDZ” as the case may be.
    3. UPI Mobile App (BHIM app / mobile app provided by banks) by transferring money to School QR Code or Virtual Private Address (VPA) and Internet banking details may be obtained from the respective school office.
  • If the Quarter 2, 3 and 4 fee is not paid by 15 August, November, February respectively, the student’s name will be struck off from the school rolls without any notice. Re- admission, if granted, shall be done with the permission of the Principal after payment of Fresh Admission fees payable in CASH along with the arrears of fee including the fine in full.
  • Bus conveyance charges are extra and will be charged for 12 months payable in advance along with Term fee.
  • Students will not be allowed to appear in / take examination unless all dues have been cleared prior to its commencement.
  • The school does not take any responsibility for sending reminders to parents to pay the school fee.
  • Refund of ‘security deposit’ should be applied for by the parent/guardian at the time of the students leaving the school in the prescribed form along with a PRE-RECEIPT duly signed by the parent or guardian in acknowledgment of the receipt of refund.
  • Annual Composite Fees include Tuition Fees & facilities such as Laboratories, Library, Sports, Activities, Almanac, I-Card, Newsletters, Examinations, Field Trips, numerous curricular Programmes, Religious Celebrations, Sports Events, Athletic Meet, Nurse Facility, Year end Photo and Scholastic Report.
  • Annual Function charges shall be payable at the time of the function.
  • Full year fee will be charged in case any student seeks admission in the middle of the term.
  • Any fee, once deposited, shall be non transferable / non refundable.
  • If revision of fee is found necessary, it will be carried out at any time during the academic year. Students should not be entrusted with the payment of any fee.
  • Parents are obligated to pay the difference / excess amount in case of the revision of the fee whenever applicable.
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