Principal's Message

"The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

Dear Staff, Students and Parents:

MIET Public School is honoured to be a part of your quest to find the best for your child. We are certain that you are looking for an environment that shapes your child well in an ever-changing world and makes them strong enough to meet challenges head-on. As the Principal of this Institution, I am proud to head our community of young future leaders by providing them with a holistic development platform and a more profound, richer educational experience. At MIET, we do not focus on our students' sole growth, along with them, we as teachers also get to learn daily. As a family that has achieved several milestones along our journey so far, we will be privileged to have you with us in our objective to make MIET truly a second home for our young learners.

At our institution, we view children as whole complete beings- while Academic Excellence and high percentages are undoubtedly important. We are also dedicated to enhancing their co-curricular participation and transforming them into responsible global citizens. The legacy that MIET students have left behind in all spheres confirms that we are on track to make our school a temple for learning and growth. In such testing and trying times, we understand that students have been adversely affected; however, even a global pandemic was not strong enough to destroy our high spirits. Our goals remain the same, and with your cooperation, we are sure to succeed.

MIET Public School is truly an institution built by its staff and faculty members. Here we combine unique pedagogy and our dedication to impart education in a way that students feel involved and appreciated. To us, there exists no 'frivolous' or 'unnecessary' questions; our teachers strive to mould an environment where students get to learn amidst trust, friendship and love. They are not only respected as individuals, but also taught how to respect those around them. Our idea is not to inculcate these through textbook knowledge only, but by imbibing these invaluable habits within themselves to create an ecosystem wherein the priceless virtues of truthfulness, tolerance, respect for elders and humility is the only norm.

As a parent myself, I am positive that you would be searching for the 'perfect fit' for your child's educational needs, and a website can only serve as a mere initial point. We, at MIET Public School, will be more than grateful to have you visit us and have us personally answer your questions and doubts. We can assure you that our 'Open-Door Policy' does not exist only to impress; we pride ourselves on our ability to include those who are most important to us after our students- their parents. Through a systematic partnership, we can surely give your child an atmosphere of love, care, peace and prosperity where they feel motivated to achieve and dream big.

In our attempt to keep students engaged in activities facilitated by staff members, we would highly appreciate your valuable inputs that can help make our partnership stronger, every day.

On that note, I would like to express my sincere hope that you choose MIET Public School for your child, we have all this and more in store for them. It would be a privilege to be of any assistance to you.

God Bless!

Madhvi Singh